Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Illness - Shingles

The week that started with a walk around near Highcliffe and a couple of sessions at Round Crag, was a week I was constantly aware of a slight tenderness under my right arm and a painful upper shoulder/back.
While Soloing at Round Crag, i quickly decided enough was enough and left waking up the following morning in some discomfort. Still psyched and aware i was going to Surrey for the following week, i decided i HAD to go climbing again, so Clemmitt's proximity and the Font 7b arete was an ideal target, which i achieved.
 I did however feel pretty poor at Clemmitt's, in regard to my back being very painful and i returned home at 9.30 pm and went to bed.

I had a half plan to get up early before it got warm and go to 'Body Torque' the Font 7b+ boulder near my house, however, the morning was just too much of a pain and lethargy consumed time. I soon developed a small rash under my right arm and by the evening a fully blown angry rash from my chest to my back, only on the right side of my body.

Unfortunately, by this time we had arrived in Surrey so i popped into a NHS drop in centre and was quickly diagnosed with Shingles, something my mother and I had already come to the conclusion of.  Apparently, i must have experienced a great deal of stress recently, which affected my immune system - can only imagine it was the idea of all these FA's on the Moors and not enough time to climb them all! ;-)

 Should be cleared up in a couple of weeks or so, rash is still prevalent but hasn't spread to my left side of my body or any of hte adjacent nerve pathways - hopefully wont develop the after virus either, (as im on anti-virals) which can result in months to years of muscular pain... joys.

Psyched for more Moor's based action, with the added bonus that Adam Van Lopik has confirmed that Octopet climbs the slab to the left of Honey Arete and not the line of Vampiric Obsession. This is good on two fronts - 1. Vampiric will remain one of our FA's and is a good climb and 2. Octopet looks fooking ridiculous at E4!!! Can't wait to give it a look now!

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