New Route Potential...

A Short list of potential new routes at a variety of grades;

Botton Head:
1. Big arete - Possibly around E3 5b / E4 5c?
2. Angled arete - E7 6c?
3. Central wall of first bay - E4 6b (Bit loose lookin'?)

1. The Sandy Wall - Can't remember what it looked like but I need to go to take my stakes out of Kepwick Groove

Cringle Moor:
1. Lots of stuff from E4 - E10

Tarn Hole:
1. Roof left of Triptonite Font 7b+?

1. The Prow Wall - Font 7b / E5 6c
2. The Prow Direct - Font 8a / E8 7a
3. The Crack - Font 6a / E1 5c
4. The Other Crack - E1 5b
5. The Hanging Pocket Wall - Font 6c / E4 6b
6. Roof and Slab - Font 7c?
7. Up to about 10 or so easier boulder problems and short routes?

1. Webesque Project E5 6a
2. Flakes Project E5 6c / Font 7b - a bit snappy

1. Tranmire Wall - E7 6b?

Danby Crag:
1. Wangledoogle Wall - E8 7a? / E10 7b direct up arete
2. Thin crackline - E6 7a?

Highcliffe Nab:
1. Blind Flake - Font 8b?
2. Magic Scoop - E8 7a?

Roseberry Topping:
1. Pasghetti Direct - E7 6a
2. Arete finish to 'Rivers of Sand' - E4 6a tho RoS is pretty necky at E4 due to the start...
3. The Shelf into RoS for a less deathy experience? E3 6b

Round Crag:
1. Telescopic Arete - Futuristic
2. Pippi Direct - E7 6c

Rivers of Sand - The shelf start would follow the chalk in the foreground
Snotterdale Crag:
1. Unclimbed wall on Owl Buttress - E2 5c?

Stoupe Brow:
1. Arete left of Drilled Sacrilege - Unknown bit crap
2. Drilled Sacrilege (sans bolts) - E2 5c
4. The Central Depression - E8 6b/c?
6. Phallus Wall - E5 6a?
7. Crackline to Phallus Wall link up via cool groove - E4 5c?
8. Crackline right of phallus wall -  E1?
9. Red Groove and overlap - E6 6b?
10. Crack right of unclimbed wall - E2 5c?
11. Sandy Crack - E3 5b?
12. Walls around Gulls of Navarone - Many, some look potentially OK. Thin crack through roof looks the best.
13. Barrys Face - E8 6c?

Stoupe Brow

Main Buttress

The Depression
Kay Nest:
2. The Big Arete E7 6c
4. Magic Arete E7 7a
5. The roofed buttress HVS to E3 sort of grades?
7. Narrow Buttress E6 6b?

Smugglers Terrace:
1. Black Arete E3 5c
3. Squid Vicious - E8 7a
4. Traverse of Evasion Buttress E2 5c
5. A few more grooves and stuff from HS to HVS. All the stuff easier than ~HS is really dirty I think.
6. Illusion Death eliminate E9 7a?
7. Some uninspected lines? Some quite hard?

Central Craglets

Crossing Cracks

The big arete and black wall

Untouched buttress

Untouched Buttress

1. The Arete - E8 6c?
2. The Traverse - E4 5c? - potentially shit?

High Crag:
2. The PROWs - E10 7a - Impossible?

High Crag Prow

Farndale West:
1. 5 lines from HVS to E5
2. Potential Ice climbing in winter.

Scrappy looking buttress but the E2/3 past the pocket looks good

Around 8 - 10m with a couple of walls, an arete, a crack and a grove.

1. The Waterfall Wall - E3 5c

1. Roof. Steep, burly, poorly protected and bouldery. E7 6c

Eskdale Buttress:
1. HS groove
2. E1 5c finger crack
3. Eskdale Wall!
4. E3? rounded and blocky arete
5. vegetated buttress

Coastal Stuff:
1. Left of Futuristic E7 7a
2. Futuristic E8 7a
3. Right of Futuristic E6 6c
4. Sky Burial Wall E10?
5. All the stuff we haven't bothered with yet. Arete, slabby walls etc etc

Silton / Hanging Stone area:
1. Must be a bit more around the Silton to Thimbleby area...

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