Thursday, 29 November 2012

The Moors

Work is going well at York Potash and recently I (finally) managed to get myself a copy of Climb Magazine to check out our article. Written by Franco and photos by Dan Lane, I was transport during a two week Moors hit-up in perfect weather.

Dan, of Dan Lane Photography which can be found here: managed to get some quality shots through out the two weeks but only a few made it into ink within the magazine. Kindly though, he passed a load of photos of me on, which are found below.

Central Crack E2 5c ** - Stoupe Brow

Central Crack HVS 5a ** - Whitestonecliffe

Eve RH E2 5c * - Scugdale

Farndale Fayre E5 6b ** - Round Crag

Fire Dance E6 6a / F6c+ ** - Stoupe Brow

Hara Kiri HVS 5a * - Park Nab

The Prow E1 5a * - Scugdale

Top Gun HVS 5a *** - Ingleby Incline

Stonemaster HVS/E1 5a * - Ingleby Incline

Frenesi VS 4c *** - Peak Scar
If you think it's really self indulgent to post a load of photos of one's self on one's own blog, you'd be right. It is. I've currently got a warm and fuzzy feeling going on, but you should probably check out Dan's website too...

Friday, 16 November 2012

Working Man, but what about the climbing?

I'm now an employee at the York Potash Project (Sirius Minerals) and thoroughly looking forward to my working development. The climbing will take a big hit, especially over the winter, meaning headtorch ascents are an option; something I did occasionally at Leeds and It wasn't really very good. I preferred the wall after training my mind to accept plastic holds and now feel it's a shame I don't have a wall within walking distance... That said, i'm in the process of making a home wall; which should help me retain some sort of fitness. I fear I may never climb any harder than I managed in my peak years, which is disappointing, but i'll keep plugging away.

Pretty stoked by the idea of Moors bouldering at the moment and i'll probably get a few more sport holidays too over the next couple of years? Also, I suppose with a good income now, I may begin to climb in easier areas like the Lakes, Peak and Northumberland...

Anyway, it's all very exciting and here's to the successful development of the York Potash Project over the coming years.