Saturday, 13 August 2011

Gowbarrow Crag with Mother

I have thankfully seen the worst of my Shingles issue, the rash and associated pain diminishing fast and as a result climbing could recommence.
A family camping meet up in the lakes provided me with a couple of days of rest but on the final day, i took my Mum (a total non-climber) to Gowbarrow Crag to 'show her the ropes' as we both felt it may go some way to allowing her a better understanding of what safe practice is and such like - she was especially interested as a result of Franco and Lukes' escapades in the Alps (not really relevant) and also the events surrounding IanJacksons death.
Anyhow, the day was a success, after all the initial work of showing mum abseiling and prussics and belay set up, i set up a Top Rope on the lower buttress at Gowbarrow and mother very quickly despatched a 'Diff' crackline and a VD wall climb, after i had soloed them to show her climbing technique.
I was quite impressed, two faultless ascents of actual climbing the VD wall was actually on quite small holds for hands and feet and probably wasn't VD...

Suitably satisfied by mothers climbing ability i decided she would be able to give 'The Whistler' MVS 4b** a good go and it looks like good climbing and also a perfect situation to place some gear and get mum to 'second'.
I set off on solo, dragging a rope and placing gear to keep the rope on line for mums second, i didn't bother to teach mother to belay as it was unrequired on the day and i quickly made my way to the top of that excellent route. It's well worth a quick pop up if you are in the area perhaps?

Mum seconded again with very little issue, a slight struggle to get past the roof but another clean ascent - A fine effort!

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