Tuesday, 3 May 2011

El Chorro - Archidona, Desplom, Loja and El Choado

2 weeks of spanish sport climbing provided the respite between geology fieldwork and exams. Unfortunately the weather was fluctuating, with chilly, windy conditions turning to warm and stormy towards the back end of the week.

Anyhow, it was a long two weeks in regard to blogging for it, so im just going to post a load of photos and forget the text! The trip was interesting for me, as i found there was SO much to climb, i tried to just onsight everything, resulting in the second week seeing me try nothing below F7a, warming up on F7a's at that! I generally fell off lot's but got some good Onsights and RP'd stuff i decided i'd get second go, no problem.

It was a good little trip, seeing Archidona, Despomilianda, Loja and the Gorge itself. The routes of the trip were, Cosas caseras at Despomilianda, Canibales a dieta a quick F7a+ redpoint at Loja and a 'saver' for me after 2 1/2 days at the crag in poorish weather. Gros Rouge, a F7b that i nearly flashed taking a last clip fall, I decided i could probably flash/onsight F7b at somepoint but it didn't materialise. Excellent F7a slab/wall climbing with Fiebra de sur was also a highlight.

((Clicking on the photos enlarges them, which is quite helpful!))

 Archidona - Franco Cutloose on F7b roof
 Chilly antics at Despomilianda
 Sean on a hard F7b at Despomilianda
 My bivvy cave, with a view at Loja.

 First rays of sun for 2 days!

 Made me go crazy...

 The importance of food!

Franco on an unsuccessful attempt at F8a tufa climbing

Almendruca, F7a*** at Les Albercones. Too many bolts on this wall...

The closest you can come to a F7b flash, never mind...

Oceano Gris - F7a slab above the train line

The balcony that was my home for 4 evenings...

The steepness that is Puema de Roca, F7a**

Obligatory silheuette shot...

 Franco on Puema de Roca also.

Photos, courtesy of Franco, Rebecca, Huw, Sean and Me. Can't remember who took which in some cases!

Good trip, i'm stoked to go back in the winter so we can stay for longer at south facing crags, as we were managing about 4 hours in the morning 7-10/11ish and then 4 hours in the evening from 4/5ish to 8/9. There are a fair few routes i'd quite like to redpoint along the Frontales and that.