Saturday, 27 April 2013

Ravenswick Proj... + some recent activity....

Clemmitts morons from Dave Warburton on Vimeo.

Round Crag - Side Kick & Variation from Dave Warburton on Vimeo.

After a couple of nice sessions at Thorgill climbing the right arete of 'The Diamond' block, Torsang 6c and then managing to tick Derailed 7b (which had stumped me previously), then we popped over to Body Torque 7a+ which Sam quickly despatched after working out some good beta that worked for him.

However, my attentions have now turned to Ravenswick. Once the 'training venue of choice' for myself and Franco - often during shitty weather - I now drive past this most nights on the way home from Scarborough... I have done most things there, with the exception of some of Lees additions which are on the lower portion of the main wall which for some reason i've never bothered with... Anyway, I had read there there was a 'Winter Traverse', one of the original circuit that i'd forgotten about and this got me thinking...

I rocked up with Sam, to find fellow local activists Phil and Dave resulting in a fairly crowded Ravenswick session...!  After warming up I climbed the Winter Traverse 6c+/7a which is all about matching on a sloper/blind layaway thing. It climbs well and made me twig that the whole Black Wall area is now traverse-able... The Black Wall Traverse (Gutter Crack to Flake Crack) is around 6c+/7a and this can lead into the reverse of the Main Wall Traverse (Destroyer Traverse) which is around Fr 7b or say font 7a+. Then after negotiating the very thin holds at what is now the finish of that particular traverse, you get a slight rest before launching into the 6c+/7a sloper which is totally droppable... Can't wait to get this done.

I rocked up yesterday and manged to make it 2/3 of the way along in a single push, but this is probably only 1/3 of the difficulty as there is still the very thin holds just after Black Magic and then the crux sloper moves at the end. No idea what grade it would be, but if feels harder than the sport 7c's i've tried so i'll give it a pop for Fr7c+ or Font 7c??? No idea its not really a boulder problem as there isn't any hard moves per say but it does all add up and the cross throughs are the cruxes throughout with a background pump...

Always look forward to dropping in to the 'wick now - so stovked for this.

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