Saturday, 5 March 2011

A dry week - Yhorkshire Limestone!

It's been dry since monday, so come wednesday myself and Huw decided that Panorama and Moughton Nab were on the cards. We managed to find Conor, Timmy, Alex and Tom who were keen and in the Espace we drove, relatively cheaply out to the dales.
Moughton was the destination first and after a warm up and a nice tick of 'Avalon' F6c, we went to the steep right hand side that had been drying off nicely in the warming sun.
"Bucket Symphony" F7a, looked like the most appetising line and i said i'd go first - prepared to fall off and end up redpointing it. Anyhow, the first move is a big jump for a massive jug. I didn't commit for a while but when i did properly go for the jug it was much easier than anticipated. Climbing up the jugs and incuts i soon encountered a loose rock, so jumped off.
I pulled back on and climbed up to this and removed it.

Starting lunge for the huge bucket on 'Bucket Symphony'

Timmy cruising the start to 'Bucket Symphony'

Conor on the powerful starting moves of 'Bucket Symphony'
  I had a rest and Huw had a go, and after sorting the start out, flashed the rest of the route following my lead and chalk... I then got it on my first ground up attempt which was nice and flowy, i didn't even feel pumped at the top.
Timmy and Conor got on it and Timmy managed a fine flash (after sorting out the start) and i climbed 'Burly In Ribblesdale' F6c, which climbs to the left via a reach and pop all on good holds. Nice.

The Sun was lost so we all left to Panorama. We thought it as closer than it was and after thinking we wouldn't find it, i ended up careering around looking for the correct way over to some distant cliffs. Found it and i decided to just get on Panoramic, F7a, again for the flash.
Unfortunately i was knackered and the bouldery, powerful moves on jugs admittedly, powered me out. I put the clips in and sorted out some good beta and Timmy flashed it, following my line of chalk and utilising the hidden incuts and jugs here and there.
Huw mean while climbed a fine F6c+ and F7a to the right. Making me feel pretty downhearted about being totally knackered.
Awesome 'Sole Marks' in underlying Greywacke near Panorama Crag

Therefore i decided we'd come back the next day!

We returned to Moughton and i wanted a play on the less steep walls right of the Moughton Mauler (E4), which looks ok as well for the record, bit blocky and dirty. Anyway, it didn't really happen a quick try of a F7a+ and a fall off a cool short F6c meant that we were a bit dissolutioned with the place. So we returned to Panorama Crag.
I felt a bit tired and feared not being able to cleanly do Panoramic, which to me seemed like a wasted journey! So i ate a shit load of food, flapjack and a pasty, all the John Dunne recommended stuff and had a lie down in the sun. After this i jumped on Panoramic and despatched it first go. Happy.

Huw Goodall flashing 'Panoramic' F7a** at Panorama Crag from Dave Warburton on Vimeo.

Huw then flashed it, so i asked him for beta on the F7a he did the day before, which he told me and i prompty flashed that. Doubly Happy.
Huw then did a steep one move F6b+ and i got a 'second wind' and started feeling pretty psyched to get on another F7a, but with light running out and it getting cold fast i ended the day with a quick 'send' of a F6c, and F6b, up the blocky overhangs to the left of Panoramic. Awesome couple of days out on the Limestone, really really happy to get some done before Easter and good to tick some Limestone 7a's in England, even if they are somewhat bouldery.

Very keen for Troller's Gill next.

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