Monday, 21 March 2011

Crookrise and Attermire

Nice couple of days, firstly up at Crookrise, soloing the Crease Direct (E1) and Hovis (E1) which were nice routes and Winters Day (E2) a cool, if slightly eliminate slab. Then i decided to crack the rope out and do The Shelf (E2), which was a nice one mover, which until you pull into feels like it's going to be E2, but is probably only HVS, with a size 1 cam! Pretty cool little route regardless.

Attermire Scar is a crag i'd fancied going to for a while for a bit of short, limestone tradding. Anyway, only managed to find one person keen to head up for the day, Huw, so we did and managed to tick some great little routes, with Brutus (E2), Tipster (E2), Smitton By Anguish (E1). I also got a treat by finding Comer (E2) dry, which is apparently quite a good result for March.
The very interesting fact was that the crag seemed un-polished which seemingly suggests the crag has recovered over the last 10 years or so (judging by rockfax database comments) so that was another nice suprise.

Nice crag, sunny or sheltered or shady depending on which buttress you head to and what you fancy.

Attermire might have been my last day out before Ireland Fieldtrip and spain. I'm a bit disappointed we couldn't get a couple of days at Troller's or Loup Scar but finding the time and people who were keen for F7+ sport has been unfortunately hard. Never mind, we'll just see how spain goes now?

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