Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Moors Bashing. Alps. Future thoughts...

Exam season is upon us and i'm currently revising Chemistry of the Earth, Gold Occurrences in the UK, Maths and Practical Geology modules. After this i have two weeks to spend being idle and climbing lots... Transport is the issue however i think. If i return to the Moors then i will have a car some days, but maybe lack the partners of more popular climbing haunts... There is plenty to do though, lots of shunt, bouldering to repeat and discover, FA's to hunt. But, you have to be properly psyched for some of this, will i be in my two weeks off before this shitty Geology fieldclass to Northern Scotland?
Perhaps i return to the Moors for a few days 'active rest' before heading back to Leeds where i have more hope of catching a lift to crags...

Either way, the main objective on the horizon is the Alps. The Coach is booked we'll be there on the 4th of July for a month or more. Psyched! Yes i am, but for what? I don't know yet i'll probably just warm up on a few of the quality routes Franco did two years ago, like the Cordier Pillar and i'm sure Franco has set his sights on something hard... The Frendo Spur is attractive, as Ian Jackson climbed it in his first alpine season, but we'll just see how things go. I had a pretty decent winter this year in regard to snowbashing so that might happen.

If i had a car and didn't have this silly geology thing, then i'd love to spend the 5 week's i'd have been exams finishing and Alps trip buzzing around the UK trad, getting back to something respectable like i was last summer. I only seem to be able to get above E2 by climbing a ridiculous volume of routes and i quickly lose it. Really want to spend some time on Limestone (sport and trad), Skye Maybe, Pembroke, North Wales and my favourite area the Lake District. I'm particularly envious of Franco and people heading out to Pabbay while i'm in Scotland taking dips and strikes, but i guess if we return mid August then i have another month to organise climbing before returning to Leeds for Semester 2... Decisions on where i want to go abroad, anyone know any Uni's in America that are CLOSE to climbing or have good climbing clubs?

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