Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Strong and finally mobile.

Since returning from the Alps, our family has only had 1 car. I am too tight to buy myself one and i can't really justify it at University. I used to get convienient use of the parents car, as we had a 2nd car that mum could use if i was out and she needed it.
Unfortuately the Landrover died so the Parents have been monopolising their car (fair do's!) and i've seen the odd afternoon here and there climbing as a result.
Now, after a month of making do they have bought a second car - i have 2 weeks to get climbing before university starts... so first stop. ROUND CRAG, again!

Twig is psyched to Flash the E5, Fresh Arete which is cool and i do feel like i should go and nail 'Vampiric Obsession' seeing as i have already cleaned and tried some of the moves prior to Franco's Flash the other day and then running out of time for me to have a go.

Fortunately, Franco's University work is nearly ended and we are planning to hit the Lake District this weekend, stoked for big, bold, Lakes Slabs in the Quarries. Cannae Wait, a month too late but never mind...

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