Sunday, 24 June 2012

Almscliffe: the 'Big Three', in 3 hours?

Me and Conor headed up to Almscliffe which bemused us both as it's somewhere we've both avoided, often being de-psyched by the place. I had ruled out doing any of the 'Big Three' during my time at Leeds but found myself gearing up below 'Wall of Horrors' E3 6a/b***. The weather was bright and windy... the tops of the routes being well beaten by whipping winds... fun times!

After a successful ascent of this, then flashing 'Big Greeny' E3 5c/6a*** on Conors gear, we got on to 'Western Front' E3 5c***. Unfortunately, by this time the sun was onto the wall and the jug/sloper that you use to gain the ok jam felt greasy and we both failed on this move. I rested and chalked the hold and then made the move with ease. I was only really stoked for the onsight so stripped the gear.

We managed to each onsight/flash 'Wall of Horrors' and 'Big Greeny' and then dog 'Western Front' in a 3 hour period, which we were happy about... Not the full task, but not a bad effort. Overall i thought Big Greeny and Wall of Horrors were better climbs, as Western Front boiled down to one hard and unpleasant move... But i did fail on it; so it's obviously just sour grapes!

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