Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Roseberry Collapse

Over the winter, the harsh weather has obviously put the final nail in the coffin for the; admittedly dodgy looking, left hand side of the Roseberry West Face.
Eliminator, the ever-widening E2 crackline-come-chimney has collapsed, taking with it a particularly pleasing HVS offwidth.
However, the fall of this rock has probably added to the bouldering below the crag and the wall now has potential for a few more, interesting looking lines.
I feel, the urge to return to the Moors in order to take advantage of this rock fall and also to carry on Ravensdale - my 'psyche' for moors FA's has returned in earnest and im actually abit disappointed im heading to the lakes this weekend rather than home!
However i find myself restrained in my room, doing Geo-Chemistry and about to start a thread on UKC, asking why the Mod's removed Franco's post detailing the collapse of Roseberry. Some of the UKC entreage seem quite friendly and relaxed, some however are fairly choadish.

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Betaguides said...

Any Big Boulders fall the right way up?