Friday, 5 June 2009

Getting back into climbing

It's been a long time. Since November i've had 8 crag days and i realised my weakness this weekend. Myself and Franco decided to meet up with Luke in the Peak and Twig decided to come along as well. It was my first time meeting Twig but Franco assured me he was a funny guy so the weekend promised to be full of laughs.
We journied down after work on friday night and parked up at Burbage Car park, somewhere we had bivvyed before. It was cold, considering the balmy days we were having and the sun rose early, we got up and drove to millstone for around 7 in the morning.
Franco climbed The Snivling Shits - E5 6a around 8 oclock i think, and myself and Twig tried the first few moves but neither of us were willing to commit seeing as the crux is the top i think.
Luke turned up and told me to do Embankment 3 - a pleasant looking E1 on finger locks and such i enjoyed it and was happy i could still onsight E1.
We hurried around to Lawrencefield, Luke was after Pool Wall and i fancied Great Peter. Unfortunately after taking photos of Luke on Pool Wall, people jumped on Great Peter - what a shame. Burbage South it was then.
Some project at Lawrencefield... Looks class like ;-)
Had a mess around at Burbage South, nearly climbing Boggart Left Hand - unfortunately the sun was blinding and i couldnt quite reach the break. Next time!
We spent the night at Ladybower Reservoir, i think. It was nice but we slept in the car as it was quite cold.
Next day we bombed up to Bamford and Franco climbed Jetrunner. I fancied it but was unable to commit to the pocket move. I did however enjoy Gargoyle Flake and the Crease and the VS to it's left. It was a nice soloing day.

We completed our road trip with a bash at Froggat. I fancied Strapiobante and also for some reason Strapiombo appealed as well.
The weather was scorching and i struggled to keep my hands chalked so much so when it came to latching the sloper at the end i actually thought it impossible in the weather conditions! unfortunately it wasn't until i'd had a rest that i realised there were good holds to it's left! Bugger.
Strapiombo was much better. Horizontal jamming along the roof crack led to an easier crack. I placed a cam, and jammed above it. It felt sweaty this jam and it slipped down this crack straight onto my cam. It fucking hurt. I think i knackered my nerves because my thumb is still numb as i write this. Either way that was the onsight gone for Strapiombo a route i had done the hard work for but on a cooler day i'd have nailed both. Never mind. It's given me the incentive to start training and getting strong. This summer before uni, with the weather apparently going to be amazing, means that i want to be as strong as i can be i've got a lot of plans this year!

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