Thursday, 17 April 2014

Riding The Wave

The perfect weather recently has allowed a gluttony of new routes and repeats from both myself and Franco. I'm going to condense this post to a mere list and some photos, but it's fair to say some of the routes I've done in the past ten days are amongst the technically hardest and best that I've managed to haul my carcass up. Loving climbing at the moment, try to get the most squeezed out of this weather wind and 'free time' before a hard finish to the Masters. What a week, all about riding the wave of momentum and not just mine, Franco's smashed some projects too.


Elysian Fields AKA Death Arete

The 10 days provided the following:

Archaeopteryx E6 6c ** - Maidens Bluff (Headpoint, Second Ascent)
Splice the Mainbrace E5 6a * - Maidens Bluff (Flash, First Ascent)
Harbinger E4/5 6b/c * - Kay Nest (Headpoint, First Ascent)
Elysian Fields E7 6a ** - Danby Crag (Headpoint, First Ascent)
Franziskaner E6 6c * - Glaisdale Rigg (Headpoint, Second Ascent (should have done GU but it was sooo hot))
Gnedl Maedl E6 6a * - Glaisdale Rigg (Headpoint, Second Ascent)
Powerslave VS 4c ** - Danby Crag (Seconded, First Ascent)
Wheat from the Chaff E6 6c * - Thorgill (Headpoint, First Ascent) (Would be E7 without any pads)

Franco in the same space of time added: Plastic Man E7 7a ** (Maidens Bluff, Headpoint), Fly Agaric E9 7a  (Danby, Headpoint) & Parochial Master E7 7b!

Fly Agaric
Awesome, hopefully I can add to this over the next couple of days, with a couple of lines on my mind at Kay Nest E6 6c, two at Maidens Bluff E6/7 6c and maybe even Rump de Stump E9 :-/



Anonymous said...

with franco climbing Projekt, why does it look like there is a rope left hanging above him?
yellow rope?

Dave Warburton said...


He's shunting it. It's a project.

Kind regards,