Monday, 23 December 2013

Slapewath Quarry

Called Spring Bank Quarry on OS maps, i've seen this quarry every time i've driven to Guisborough down Birkbrow. I assumed its location would mean someone would have been... however, there are no recorded ascents and everyone i've spoken to has 'seen it but never been'...

I wandered up on a drizzly day with my brother and found a better lump of rock than I expected. A handful of lines in a convienient location. Walk up the hillside behind Slapewath adjacent to the Iron-ore works then cut through the pine forest to the crag. Easy peasy. A few grooves, an arete and some walls. Certainly not a 'good' venue but worth developing - maybe for a local, car-less Guisborite...?

All the best... take a saw for the gorse bush that shrouds a couple of the lines.

'Main Quarry...'

Very dirty but a nice compact buttress

bit sandy...

An interesting highball

Good looking route - take the secateurs

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