Thursday, 14 November 2013

Healheugh - Sinn Fein

I'd been to Healheugh before, on a windy grey and cold day when we stopped off driving over to the Lakes. We'd just quickly soloed a couple of the E-grade slabs and then ran away. I always wanted to go back on a crisp windless day. Today, was sort-of one of those days...

The frost meant we were not that stoked to return to Smugglers Terrace, so a sun trap was favoured. I fancied looking at Steve Crowes bouldery arete Sinn Fein (E5 / Font 7a) as well as Emerald Isle (E5 5c) and Blood Red Streets (E6 6c). Nick was also interested in the venue as he'd never been or considered going.

We warmed up on a few boulder problems and I quickly sorted out Sinn Fein, failing to latch the break when I first went of it. Damn! Next go, no problems. Then again for photos. A great sequence and it does feel higher than it is, especially as its smeary. I think you could fall quite nastily off it, if your foot blows from the smear. Anyway, a joyous bit of climbing on perfect rock. Bliss.

We led the routes West Face E2, Toil Arete HVS and Nikki (E2), but by now it was already starting to get dark, the 1 1/2 hour drive and late set off meant the day was over, so Emerald Isle and Blood Red Streets will have to wait. 'Their Glorious Wealth' E5 6b might need a bit of training for - has the block slipped as that looks SERIOUSLY steep! Jeez.

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