Sunday, 7 November 2010

Hilarious blogs, Roseberry banter and a spot of bouldering...

An interesting week for me, really. Firstly, the appearence of the rather comical blog, which seems to have taken the UK internet climbing scene by storm. FIT INNIT...

Good work.

The Ravenswick Experience:
My short series of problems illustrating Ravenswick as a bouldering venue.

The Ravenswick Experience from Dave Warburton on Vimeo.

Then a return to the Moors, where i teamed up with Franco, as usual, to suss out the potential on the Moors for FA's and such and what would go in the winter etc etc.
We decided to nick to Ravenswick Quarry to gauge each others strength after not climbing together for a while and Franco recovering from a broken hand and what not.

Ravenswick was a bit of a success though and we repeatedly returned to the crag on a few evenings during the week to boulder on the almost perma-dry walls. We created a whole host of problems and eliminates and intend to make some sort of 'stoney-esque' numbered holds topo for the crag. The best little problems there are the traverses (Font5+, Font6c, Font6c+ and F7a+!), 'Hidden Tresure' Font7a and a few others. There'll be video up tomorrow, that i made which is just a amateurish overview of a few of the problems there, hopefully it will attract a bit of attention for people that use the crag to train/boulder or havent been?

Me on 'Marooned Circuit' Font 6c*. ©Betaguides

We also had a bosh up to Roseberry to finish Pasghetti Direct, the main wall up the Face. Unfortunately, the wet weather had taken its toll on the sandy rock, making it unclimbable. It was very windy and cold anyway! One to mull over the winter time i feel, the route looks pretty serious. In a delusional state of disappointment, we made a silly video on the Face of Roseberry. It does have some decent beta for Pasghetti Alpinist (E4/5) and some other stuff.

Roseberry - Get Psyched... from Dave Warburton on Vimeo.

As a result we ended up returning to Ravenswick for yet more bouldering, in the presence Lee Robinson and Sam Marks. There'll be a video up in a bit which should hopefully ignite a bit of interest in this great training venue and any feedback of problems or what not can be added to UKC or commented on here, as we'll be making a Stoney-esque numbered topo for the wall, in time!

On a related but slightly dated note, Lee Robinson organised a 'moors bouldering meet' and Ravenswick was visited. The majority of their problems were put up on the Larger expanse of Black Wall, below the routes of Fred (E4), Black Magic (E3) and Jug (VS) - the area to the right of where myself and Franco have been concentrating. This area is more prone to seepage and we were unable to repeat their good looking problems. We'll return, maybe over the Christmas period.

Well Worth A Look: And while on BETAGUIDES, have a look at his RAVENSWICK FREE TOPO.

Get 'sending'...

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ram man said...

jeez! Now I like spending time at less than good venues mysel, probably more so than the next man but it looks like you guys are really pushing the envelope! Impressive in a way, if dismaying.