Friday, 2 October 2009

University - Caley Crags

I'm now a student of Geology at Leeds University, which im happy about. What im even more happy about is that there are 3 or 4 close by crags i can get to by bus, including Caley, Hetchel, Almscliffe and Ilkley.
The end of freshers week, saw my first attempt at catching a bus and going to Caley, it wasn't uneventful, seeing as i have never used a bus system before, but i got there in the end!
The crag is bouldering, except from the main edge. Which was perfect as i didn't have a mat with me!
I spent the best part of a day ticking the seemingly endless collection of classic mini-routes such as Ron's Reach/Ripper traverse (brilliant!), Noonday Ridge, Angel Wall (heavenly!), Forked Lightening Crack, Otley Wall, Chicken Heads and other such problems.
Angel Wall will definitely be on my soloing list everytime i go, not so much Ron's Reach, thnk i'll do that again with a couple of mats at V4!
Next stop is Ilkley, for the LUUMC meet and then i will have to see how to get to Almscliffe or Hetchel.
Any info on how to get back from Hetchel would be greatly appreciated!

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Franco Cookson said...

weakling. Get indoors.